Gerry Visco is a performer, writer, and photographer. She is illegally blonde and lives on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. 

She has performed at such venues as the Cutting Room, Dixon Place, Chantal’s House of Shame, The Slipper Room, and nightclubs all over Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Gerry appeared in several films, music videos, and TV shows, including Woody Allen’s Stardust MemoriesMozart In the Jungle, and Love, Lust, or Run.  

She continues to write articles for various publications inculding Interview MagazineVice, Hyperallergic, NY Press, and Out. Her photos have appeared in NY MagazineThe Village VoiceThe Daily News, and Gawker. The Village Voice named her "Bravest Nightlife Photographer of 2010."  

Gerry holds a BA in Literature, MFA in Writing, and MS in Journalism from Columbia University. She is also a certified yoga teacher from the Lyengar Institute. 

Visco is currently writing a tell-all memoir about her colorful life as muse, fag hag, and rent girl, in the gritty glamorous world of New York City during the 1970s and 1980s.