Director Patrick Smith first met Gerry Visco on a hot summer night while waiting for the L train home at 4am. The long miserable wait turned into an impromptu dance party when Gerry arrived on the platform, armed with a boombox, blaring the Macarena on repeat. 

Several years and 50+ hours of footage later, Visco Disco brings the chaotic and colorful life of this eccentric New Yorker to the big screen. 

Visco Disco is a feature length shockumentary chronicling Gerry's life from her dysfunctional upbringing, to her career as call girl in 1970s NYC, to her rise to club kid fame. Featuring a soundtrack by Tyler Stone, Visco Disco reveals Gerry's unique views on gender, sex, and The Great Beyond. Gerry proves that "life is too short, so just do whatever the hell you want."